Respect The Path

We live our lives searching for our purpose or calling. We each were given a unique gift to add on to the world. It\’s so easy to get knocked off your path by unknowingly living under the influence of others. Everyone is not destined to be together, so be careful of situations and relationships you\’re trying to hold on to. \”In order to grow you must let go.\” Some friends and family members want you to live for them, and bogart God\’s gift that was given to you. Your path leads to your destiny. So allowing your time to be consumed with living up to what everybody else wanting you to be is purposeless. They must respect your path. You shouldn\’t have to participate in the same activities, have the same social circle or attend the same worship organization to be validated. We are all different. And we all need different things to reach our destiny. So if they can\’t respect your path, it\’s time to move on.

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