“I Do”

Women dream of being a wife from the time of being a little girl. Thoughts of walking down that aisle in her beautiful gown, and choosing her favorite colors for her bridal party. A private wedding or a big wedding or maybe on an island. Which one to choose? Oh don’t forget about the cake, and whose going to be the maid of honor? All the planning and fantasizing to say “I do.” Marriage is so much more than favorite colors or cake, neither is it about what a man can do for you. It’s making a lifetime commitment of obligations to your partner. Before you say those magic words, make sure you have a full understanding of what you are signing up for.

#1 What is the purpose for marriage?

Are you ready to make a lifetime commitment of submission, support, honor, and love to your significant partner?

#2 Identify the roles of a husband and wife.

Husbands shall love, protect, and provide for their wives. And wives shall love, submit and be a helpmate to their husbands.

#3 What are the characteristics of you and your potential partner?

Are you giving? Being in a marriage is like looking at yourself in the mirror. You have to be willing to receive the good and even the not so good things about yourself that needs improvement. The beautiful thing is, you will have a lifelong partner there to help bring out the best in you! Are you willing to compromise and put your needs and wants last? In a marriage you’re not always going to have your way. Selfishness is not allowed!

So are you willing to take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer inĀ  sickness and in health until death do you part? – “I Do”

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  1. Yes, I agree that there is so much more than the wedding and the glitz and glamor of that one day that ends so quickly! Then you are left with the reality of , no longer being TWO but now ONE! Now the dust settles and life is now looked at from a different perspective..

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