And It Was Written

The best documentary films are those that are told by the source themselves, because no one can tell your story better than you. Yes it’s possible for someone to produce an amazing body of work based on research and speculation, but in the end, it\’s all an assumption. Pablo Picasso said, “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

No one can depict your deepest thoughts or your greatest fears that you hold inside. The world only knows what you allow it to know. Show the world who you are. Let them know why you exist. Speak your truth. Your truth is your experience. We all were born with a gift, and that gift was placed upon us to tell the truth that heals the world. And if you don’t know who you are, it’s clear you have too many distractions in your life, and you are Living Under The Influence of others who will end up writing your story. Learn how to exercise those talents you have that you do so effortlessly. What is that one thing you keep hearing over and over (oh you sing so well, you need to write a book, you always give great advice). Yes we’ve all heard something! So speak your truth and exercise your talents because everyone should be able to tell their own story.

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