Get Back To Loving You

Ladies it\’s so easy to get caught up in the role of taking care of everyone else, you end up losing yourself. You care for the kids, your husband, your home and also provide support for their dreams and personal goals. The things that you love doing and your feelings gets no attention. First take the time to acknowledge what\’s happening. If you feel like you could be neglecting yourself, the truth is you probably are. So you took the first step and recognized the problem, now it\’s time to come up with a solution. Putting yourself first is not a bad thing, actually I highly recommend it.

1. Speak it into existence. Say, \”Today is the beginning of my journey to self care.\” Self care is the best care. Begin every day reciting how you are are going to care for yourself. By doing this you make yourself a priority.

2. Get more rest. Allow your body to rest when necessary. When your tank is not full, you end up running on fumes and you burn yourself out. At this point the whole house shuts down. Why? Because nothing and no one functions without you.

3. Teach your family to make you a priority. Yes mommy get tired and deserves certain days to get catered to. And this can be put on the to-do list for the family so your needs don\’t get left out. List something they can do for you. Choose one day a week and not cook dinner and have your family prepare dinner for everyone.

4. Check out How you can take a much needed vacation for free. It will definitely get your life back on track.

You are the engine. In order for anything else to move, regular routine maintenance is required. Do yourself a favor and get back to loving you. You are a priority.

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