4 Ways To Know You Have Found Your Calling

  1. It\’s the one thing you do with so much ease. You do it so well it comes so natural to you. Training is not even required, you can\’t even explain how you do it.

2. It excites you. You do it with so much passion you want to do it over and over again. It fills you with so much joy it\’s the only thing that brings you peace because you never doubt yourself.

3. Those around you can\’t get enough of it. It\’s the one thing everyone calls on you to do. Oh we\’ve heard it before, you keep hearing it over and over again that you do it so well. Whether it\’s cooking, singing or giving advice, whatever it is you need to pay close attention to what everyone is saying.

4. You seem to keep attracting those in need of it. This one thing seems to never go away, even when you take the wrong path. The universe seems to pull you right back to it. There\’s a energy that can\’t be explained and everything keeps going wrong. And then there\’s a sudden demand for that one thing you do so well with ease and then things are back to normal.

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