CLIENT BLOG: Beauty Guru Deraj Mathews gives beauty professionals the keys to success.

IMG_1418  Client Blog 

Jared DeRaj Matthews, CEO of DeRaj Beauty and author of “It’s Your Season Go Get It-Success Strategies” for the Beauty Professional, is a motivational speaker and beauty educator with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. He believes motivation is a valuable key to delivering current and innovative
teaching methods for educators and students.


Bronner Bros International Beauty Show with Guest Stylist- Deraj Mathews in New Orleans, LA.

He connects with Beauty Professionals from around the world motivating and educating
from training providing train-the-trainer courses to educational trade shows such as Premiere Orlando, America’s Beauty Show, and The International Beauty Show New York.

As an American Association of Cosmetology School (AACS) member, Mr. Matthews is committed to providing a quality educational and motivational experience. He will work to be supportive to AACS member schools and
the educational process of their educators and students.


Master Stylist & Educator

As he strives to offer innovative teaching methods to meet your organization’s needs, Deraj Mathews continue to make his mark in the Beauty Industry as a leading example of success!



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