Sister Time

When everything\’s on 10 and you gave it your all but everyone is still wanting more, what do you do? Call up your long time girlfriend and say \”Sister Time\” and the rest is history. She say girl I got you! It\’s the only time you get to take off your superwoman cape, put your feet up and get a home cooked┬ámeal with a glass of wine. Fish, steamed shrimp, tossed salad and curry potatoes. My favorite! The last time we hung out, I don\’t know but it was just like yesterday. You have your spouse your family and your colleagues but no one can ever replace your girlfriend. You spend time apart living your lives building relationships, but your girlfriend never leaves your side. There\’s an underlying commitment of the recharge system between women. Prepare for the reboot! The next time you count your blessings make sure you count your girlfriend.

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