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Back by popular demand on 4/20 Mr. Boykin All Stars of Comedy Volume 2 @ The Camel in RVA. A new reputable platform created for seasoned comics on the rise. I never knew there were so many comedians in the area and the ladies are heavy in the game as well.


This is a great opportunity for comics to build an audience and increase bookings with the phenomenal marketing and branding created by Stardom Media Advance Group. \”It\’s a force to be reckoned with when multiple media companies and personalities work as a team to support local talent,\” thanks to Christopher Boykin CEO of Stardom 101 Magazine.


And where else are you gonna get 10 comedians for 10 dollars? It\’s a win win situation created for the consumers and the artist. I here so many artist saying they have to leave the state to get recognized but I believe a change is happening.



It\’s an early evening event to have some adult fun with friends and family. Volume 2 is bringing in comedians from Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Canada, DC, and Boston, so it looks like we have the ability to bring them in not send them out.



It just takes a joint effort from the leaders. Hosted by RVA\’s own Comedian Tinman, Volume 2 is powered by Stardom 101 Mag, Development Coach & Producer Angela Boykin, 2020 Visions, Diego TomasDiego Tomas, and 101.1 The FAM Digital Radio. Check out whose hitting the stage for Vol 3 on August 17t bringing you a day show hosted by Tinman & Woo Woo the Comedian and an evening show hosted by C.J. Richardson & Lady Nicole at The Hidden Spot in Richmond, VA. Mr. Boykin\’s All Stars of Comedy is here to stay. \"IMG_20190413_170519_231\"

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