Back By Popular Demand

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Back by popular demand on 4/20 Mr. Boykin All Stars of Comedy Volume 2 @ The Camel in RVA. A new reputable platform created for seasoned comics on the rise. I never knew there were so many comedians in the area and the ladies are heavy in the game as well.

Comedian CJ Richardson

This is a great opportunity for comics to build an audience and increase bookings with the phenomenal marketing and branding created by Stardom Media Advance Group. “It’s a force to be reckoned with when multiple media companies and personalities work as a team to support local talent,” thanks to Christopher Boykin CEO of Stardom 101 Magazine.

Christopher Boykin & Comedian Tinman

And where else are you gonna get 10 comedians for 10 dollars? It’s a win win situation created for the consumers and the artist. I here so many artist saying they have to leave the state to get recognized but I believe a change is happening.


Chris Boykin & The Dinner Plate 101.1 The FAM

It’s an early evening event to have some adult fun with friends and family. Volume 2 is bringing in comedians from Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Canada, DC, and Boston, so it looks like we have the ability to bring them in not send them out.


Comedian Lady Nicole

It just takes a joint effort from the leaders. Hosted by RVA’s own Comedian Tinman, Volume 2 is powered by Stardom 101 Mag, Development Coach & Producer Angela Boykin, 2020 Visions, Diego TomasDiego Tomas, and 101.1 The FAM Digital Radio. Check out whose hitting the stage for Vol 3 on August 17t bringing you a day show hosted by Tinman & Woo Woo the Comedian and an evening show hosted by C.J. Richardson & Lady Nicole at The Hidden Spot in Richmond, VA. Mr. Boykin’s All Stars of Comedy is here to stay. IMG_20190413_170519_231

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