Women Want What They Want But When Was The Last Time You Checked In On Your Man

Welcome 2 The Good Life Series Transformation RVA x Angela Boykin teamed up to discuss “What A Woman need from a man” on Monday night. Many gathered with a large sum of men anxiously waiting for feedback on the hot topic. It\’s so easy to point the finger at your mate when you feel your needs aren’t being met. And we are so quick to pull the plug and end it altogether.

Be aware of any drastic changes in your partner\’s behavior. Negative responses, lack of communication or social isolation. These are all signs of depression not your man not putting you first. You probably need to put your needs aside and ask “Hey are YOU okay?” Because if your man is not okay it\’s impossible for him to fulfill your needs.

\"PSX_20190731_002403\" The millennial participation in Welcome 2 The Good Life Series.

A man’s role is to protect and provide for his family. Whenever there is a sudden hardship beyond his control his manhood is tested. And the weight of the stereotypes of what a man should be can cause any man to shut down. Behind all that testosterone and masculinity, is a heart and a soul that needs your attention. Now this don’t mean for women to be a doormat and allow themselves to be mistreated because your man is going through it. Just consider all options and check in on your man. Your approach might be the reason you’re not getting what you need.

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