Today marks the day I quit my 9-5 and became officially self-employed. I feel amazing! I longed for this day. I never felt so sure in my life. I need to be my full self and operate in my gift 24 hours a day. I was in my own way. There are people who need me to help them tap into their gifts. I can no longer be under the guidance of people that have no clue of what it means to truly serve others. Our morals didn’t match. The cultural environment sucked! And leadership and management did not coexist.

There was no blue print handed down. I didn’t ask anyone for advice. I didn’t know when or how I would do it. I just did it. I am not afraid. I am no longer living my life in fear. I am living for God. I am too smart and valuable to be under people. I gotta make the best decisions for me Period. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the first to know because I didn’t even call up nobody to tell them about my moves. I don’t even care how people feel about it. This is my journey, my life and my purpose.

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