Position Yourself

The one thing this pandemic has taught me is self-sufficiency is key. Quarantining has given me more time to reflect and really zone in on my current situation. I am in a beautiful position having to stay home and still be able to generate income to care for my family. When others have to stay home, everything stops. It’s all about positioning yourself to be self sufficient. Relying on yourself is key. It allows me to hold myself accountable for caring for myself and my family and not put my responsibilities on others. 2022 is the first year my husband and I have actually purchased our own health insurance, dental, vision and life insurance without going through an employer. We actually got better coverage by doing our own research.

I also learned no matter how much I try to encourage everyone around me to start their own business; it\’s not for everybody. Well simply, everybody don\’t want to do the work! Not only that, people don\’t want to take the time to tap into their gifts. Take the time out to get to know you. We all have something to offer.

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