Today marks the day I quit my 9-5 and became officially self-employed. I feel amazing! I longed for this day. I never felt so sure in my life. I need to be my full self and operate in my gift 24 hours a day. I was in my own way. There are people who need …

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Secure Your Family

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“I Do”

Women dream of being a wife from the time of being a little girl. Thoughts of walking down that aisle in her beautiful gown, and choosing her favorite colors for her bridal party. A private wedding or a big wedding or maybe on an island. Which one to choose? Oh don\’t forget about the cake, and whose going to be the maid of honor? All the planning and fantasizing to say \”I do.\” Marriage is so much more than favorite colors or cake, neither is it about what a man can do for you. It\’s making a lifetime commitment of obligations to your partner.

Draw The Line

If you want your relationships with others to be healthy, draw the line so everyone is clear on their role in your life. We must set boundaries in every relationship. Sometimes we want people to be something that they are not. Boyfriends are not husbands and our children are not our friends. When the line is not drawn, you heighten the risk of getting taken advantage of.