Position Yourself

The one thing this pandemic has taught me is self-sufficiency is key. Quarantining has given me more time to reflect and really zone in on my current situation. I am in a beautiful position having to stay home and still be able to generate income to care for my family. When others have to stay …

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New Business Start Up

Meet the artist behind our #NewBusinessStartUp AB Business Start Up Kit is everything you need to jumpstart your new business. #CustomLogoDesign #WrittenBio #BusinessPlan #BusinessCards #LegalStructureAssistance 👉🏾 #ABBusinessStartUpKit #ABPersonalAndBusinessCoaching

4 Ways To Know You Have Found Your Calling

It\’s the one thing everyone calls on you to do. Oh we\’ve heard it before, you keep hearing it over and over again that you do it so well. Whether it\’s cooking, singing or giving advice. Whatever it is you need to pay close attention to what everyone is saying.

The F Word

Forgiving someone that has hurt you is one of the hardest things to do. It’s impossible to continue to evolve in your existence holding on to something that have such a negative impact.